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Sagency WA

mens behaviour change and family therapy in perth WA

Transform your life by choosing change and creating healthy relationships

Introducing Our Work


We offer men's behavioural change services in the form of individual counselling and group therapy. Our counselling sessions are designed specifically to address your needs. Our Responsive and Safe men’s behaviour change 22-week program meets once a week on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Your engagement into SagencyWA begins with two to three assessment and intake sessions, where our experienced team will work with you to evaluate your situation, your suitability for the program and identify the areas you want to improve. 


At SagencyWA, we offer comprehensive, client-centred bespoke family supports. Our team of skilled practitioners are accredited in delivering various specialized programs. From protective behaviors to circle of security, and the safe and together family violence program, we are equipped to address a wide range of needs. SagencyWA provides child inclusive practice, working with your chosen mediation provider to assist your child in expressing themselves. Furthermore, our family therapist are also adept in providing family therapy with a court reportable outcome, recognizing the significance of this in the family law process. With a compassionate and friendly approach, we are dedicated to meeting your family's unique requirements.

Play Therapy

Sometimes kids can feel really strong, confusing feelings inside. Play therapy is a special type of therapy where they can play with toys and games freely, without anyone telling them what to do. The therapist is there to watch them play and listen. They help the child feel safe and comfortable. The idea is that kids can figure out how to feel better on their own, if they have a chance to play and express themselves. This kind of therapy is really helpful for kids who have trouble talking about their feelings. It can make them feel more confident and better able to understand themselves and others. They become more skilled at solving problems and using their imagination. It can also help them feel more in control of their big feelings. Where there are family court proceedings a family can engage in play therapy however a report will not be provided for this form of therapy due to the nature of the work.


Growth plays an integral role in spreading awareness in areas that require attention. At SagencyWA we see it as essential to leverage every opportunity available to promote health, safety, and growth to build a positive environment. With consistent learning and development, we can make headway in breaking the cycle of domestic violence and create positive change.

At SagencyWA we offer webinars aimed at men to engage them in early intervention. We also provide training for legal and allied professionals in the realm of domestic violence focusing on coercive control.