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Sagency WA

Why Choose Us

Why choose us and what are the advantages of a fee pay service

  • Priority access and no waitlists
  • Ease of access due to our location in Shenton Park
  • Indivualised and needs based Face to Face and Online counseling available for individuals, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.
  • Availability of after hours individual therapy and group work appointments
  • Individualized support in addressing domestic violence and initiating behavioral change.
  • Comprehensive 22-week online men’s behavior change course.
  • Opportunity for FIFO and shift workers to attend online or on-site during off weeks,
  • synchronizing with your work schedule.
  • Letter of attendance provided for personal records.
  • Complex cases can be accompanied by detailed reports for family court purposes.
  • SagencyWA app that allows you to have access to resources, book appointments and keep records of your attendance to assist in family court matters.
  • Partner contact team support your partner, ex-partner and children to work with your family in a holistic and deliver the best change outcomes possible