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About Sagency WA

Before we begin I would like to say welcome and acknowledge the enormity of taking this first step in choosing safety and healing your relationships.


My name is Alison D’Vine and I am the establishing director of Sagency WA. I am a social worker and counselor specializing in supporting men who want to bring about behavior change regarding domestic violence, while also helping them heal from the trauma they may have experienced.


With a profound commitment to fostering empathy, understanding, and personal growth, I have created SagencyWA to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for men to embark on their journey towards transformation.


First and foremost, I believe that change is possible for everyone. SagencyWA has been created to help men navigate the complexities of domestic violence and address their challenges head-on. In our counselling and group work sessions, I alongside my team of highly experienced counsellor and facilitators have the ability hold space for men to explore their emotions, experiences, and beliefs surrounding violence, while also providing guidance in the healing process.


With understanding of the deep-seated layers of trauma and harm that often underlie domestic violence, counsellors at SagencyWa approach our work with perseverance and kindness. We are committed to helping men confront the shame, guilt, and confusion that may arise as they reflect on their past actions. Together, we will navigate these difficult emotions, fostering self-compassion and empowering personal growth.


Understanding that the journey to transformation is unique for each individual, SagencyWA draws on evidence-based therapeutic modalities combined with a person-centered approach. Through open and honest dialogue, we foster a trusting therapeutic relationship that allows men to explore their traumas, unpack their emotions, and develop strategies for change. Together, we can create a future where men are empowered to break the cycle of violence, nurture healthier relationships, and cultivate relationships founded on empathy, respect, and equality

Alison D’Vine

Bachelor of Social Work, Post graduate certificate in Counselling, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Certified Protective Behaviors Practitioner, Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy

I firmly believe that to create meaningful change, men must connect with their core values, examine existing belief systems, and create authentic connections between head and heart.

Guided by an empathetic approach, I help individuals unpack and make sense of their experiences, supporting them in discovering healthier patterns of behavior rooted in respect, equality, and non-violence.

I am dedicated to joining men on their path toward self-improvement, offering non- judgmental support, and celebrating their progress every step of the way. It is both an honor and a responsibility to walk alongside individuals striving to transform their lives and heal from the past.

Amy Hannan

Master of Sexology, Graduate Certificate in Grief, Loss and Trauma Counselling, Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence, Bachelor of Social Work, and Cert IV in Training and Assessment


My name is Amy Hannan, co-creator and facilitating clinician of the Responsive and Safe program delivered at SagencyWA. Having an extensive background in the change behaviour and forensic space, I have worked alongside vulnerable people on their journey to change. Working within a strengths based, client-led framework, I engage in an empathetic, responsive and judgement-free way of working therapeutically.


Creating meaningful and sustainable change is a difficult task, a brave a powerful journey that flourishes in the light of support and understanding. My role in your journey will be to provide honesty and understanding – holding space so you can take accountability and make choices to move towards healing and safety.


Here at SagencyWA we don’t define your story, we support you to navigate your transformative change journey.


Empowerment. Kindness. Understanding 


family and child play therapist

Our family and child play therapist- She is an independent parent consultant, therapist and counsellor, having worked directly with individuals,  children and families in some way or another for the past 14 years.


Yuliana’s style to counselling is humanistic, using person-centered approach and is based off healing through connection and togetherness, which is a profoundly transformative journey. In a world inundated with noise, Yuliana offers a sanctuary where families can open up about their deepest fears, aspirations, and pain without fear of judgment.


Yuliana possesses an exceptional ability to step into the shoes of each family member, feeling their anguish, sharing in their joys, and understanding their perspectives deeply.


Yuliana helps families envision a brighter future and equips them with the tools needed to transform their aspirations into reality though the form of Counselling Talk Therapy, non-directive Child-Play therapy, providing Educational programs such as Protective Behaviours, Circle of Security as well as the Safe & Together program , and Bespoke groups tailored to meet each individual and family needs,


Yuliana due to her extensive experience of working with families post separation has developed her practice to include Child Inclusive Practice as part of mediation program, attachment based family therapy aimed as amending ruptured family dynamics and is well versed is writing reports allowing her to offer family therapy with a court mandated report upon completion.


NDIS Support Coordination and NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coaching  

Jordan is a dedicated professional with over 7 years of experience, specialising in supporting individuals with diverse needs, particularly in the NDIS space.


Jordan can assist you in meeting your NDIS needs through her work as an NDIS Support Coordination and NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coaching  


Jordan is fiercely passionate about the client having their choice and control and is a passionate Advocate in the area of mental health.


Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Diploma of community services